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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Planting Seed Potatoes

This past weekend we planted seed potatoes in the ground! Since the seed potatoes come as a whole potato spud, we cut them into pieces and let them dry for a couple hours on the tailgate. While the little spuds were sunbathing, we managed to get our raised garden beds built too! From red potatoes to blue potatoes (yes, they are actually blue colored), we are hoping for a successful potato harvest sometime this May. We had never heard of blue potatoes until recently so we are BEYOND excited to see how they turn out! Even though they are technically called "blue potatoes", they are actually bright purple once you cut them in half (you can check out a picture of one on my Instagram)! Sometime this spring I will have to come up with a purple mashed potato recipe ;)

We plan to build more raised garden beds in the future, but for now we are sticking with three. Our original plan was to use the old reclaimed barn wood that we collected a couple weeks back, but we decided to use cedar wood instead -- rot resistant and most importantly, bug resistant! 

We had just enough seed potatoes to plant two rows worth! This leaves enough room for when we plant corn and okra. We are expecting a lot of rain this coming week, so hopefully we'll start to see our little spud sprouts here shortly. :)

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