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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Our New Baby Chicks!

So remember the other day when I mentioned that we had a few surprise additions coming to the farm? Well, they're here! Nine baby chicks. Healthy, alert, and too much cuteness to handle. We got them from our local hardware/farm store and since we knew chick season had officially started, it was a must for us to be at the store on the day they arrived! It was a good thing too that we got there in time to pick out the different breeds we wanted, because by the end of the day most of the chicks were sold out. We got two Black Australorps, one Buff Orphington, three Plymouth Rock, and three Ameraucanas.
 They spent their first night in the brooder eating, sleeping, pooping and pecking at everything that stood in their way.
Since it was so beautiful and sunny outside, we took two of them out for a couple minutes to experience their first adventure in the yard :)
Here is the brooder we made using materials that were laying around the farm. We used a livestock water tank for the tub and some wire mesh for the lid. The wire mesh will provide adequate ventilation and serve as protection from our cats.
We also hooked up a red heat lamp since our baby chicks will need lots of warmth in their first few weeks of life. We are SO excited for our new chicken adventure and can't wait for some farm fresh eggs! :)

What are some of the unique brooder ideas that you've come up with? I'd love to hear your ideas!


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