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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chicken Update: Week Two

Today marks exactly two weeks since we picked up our baby chicks and brought them out to the farm. It's been quite the learning experience and so much fun being able to watch them grow! Their feathers are starting to develop into beautiful color variations and they are becoming more curious about their surroundings. Since these first few weeks are crucial for them to socialize with us humans, we've been talking to them more (yes, I talk to my chickies) and have been letting them roam around the front yard for a couple minutes. They still don't seem interested at all in eating worms for treats - I figured they would go crazy over them, so today I'm going to try and give them some mashed up hard boiled eggs (I find it totally weird and a little cannibal-ish, but I read in a chicken forum that they apparently LOVE hard boiled eggs). We'll see how it goes :)

What are some treats you'd recommend for growing chicks?

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