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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekend Garden Prep

Our weekend consisted of hard work and digging in the dirt, but we made some great progress prepping our spring garden! With the help of Levi's dad, we were able to get a lot done. First, we determined where we wanted our garden to be located. We wanted it to be in a good draining location, but not too far from our house. Once we figured that out, we hooked the plow up to the tractor and got to work. After we got the soil plowed, we cleaned up all the rocks and grass clumps from the surface (talk about a workout... those grass clumps are heavier than you'd think!) Then, we switched the plow out for the garden harrow and started raking the soil free of debris.

While working the soil, we found a jaw bone from what looks to be from a cow. A little creepy if you ask me....

The soil is now ready for the tiller! Which is what we'll tackle next weekend.

Since we're planning to build raised garden beds next weekend, we decided to go ahead and get the materials now. Instead of spending money on lumber, we went down the road to a neighbor's old barn and re-purposed as much wood as possible. The old barn collapsed many years ago and our neighbor has kindly let us pull out as much lumber as we wanted. I guess it ends up helping both of us out! 

While we were collecting lumber, our beagle "Milo" decided to drop by and see what we were up to. Once we got what we needed, we packed up our trailer of wood and Milo caught a ride home with us :) Be sure to stop by next weekend, as we plan to till the garden and build our raised beds using reclaimed barn wood.

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