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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sowing Seeds Indoors

I'm a total newbie when it comes to sowing seeds indoors, but it's been so fun watching the process of our seeds come to life - right in our kitchen! Since it's still too early in the year to be planting outdoors, we decided to follow the old Farmer's Almanac to determine which seeds we could start indoors.

First, we bought peat pellet trays from Lowe's (pictured above). After unwrapping the trays, each tray required ten cups of water. Ten cups sounds like a TON of water, but you'd be surprised how fast the peat pellets absorb that water. After waiting about ten minutes, the peat pellets were ready for seeds! My dad had sent us a two gallon bucket of various types of Heirloom Organics seeds, so that's what we chose to use for our primary seed. Where we live, in the month of February, you can sow: onion, lettuce, cabbage, celery, and leeks. We decided to sow Yellow Sweet Onion, Tatsoi & Dutch Flat Cabbage, Buttercrunch, Green Oak Leaf, and Parris Island (romaine) Lettuce.

Our little seedlings need LOTS of light, so Levi set up this shelving unit (in our dining room) with lights to imitate the sun. Since the sun gives off both warm and cool light, we added a 3,000k and 5,000k bulb to each fixture. With proper light, water and temperature, the lettuce sprouted within two days! Shortly after, the cabbage and onion started to sprout as well. Since the peat pellets don't have many nutrients, we are using an organic liquid fertilizer to make sure our babies grow strong :) This weekend we plan on prepping our garden area for transplanting in March... I'll be filling you guys in with the progress next week!

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